Writing Is Just A Gift

Writing Is Just A Gift

Friday, August 19, 2011

Lama ta dengar berita~~

S0rry guys bab lme i ta update bl0g...
bkn pew..
sb da 3bln ta bayar ber0kban neh...huuuu
then i buzy wif my studies..
im in my final year n0w..
s0 the tensi0n is a lil bit different and harsh this seni0r semester..

there a l0ts of things happen 2 me these past few m0nths...

g0t l0ts 0f new friends and also new relasti0nshipssss....
last but n0t least...
im in pr0cess to finish my l0ng way t0 g0 n0vel- Demi Hati Ini~~
wait 4 its final yaa!!!

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